Monday, October 31, 2011

Wash Day

Okay so I am sitting under my Huetiful Steamer for the second time......I think Im in love with this thing.  My coworker made fun of me because I went out and bought six gallons of distilled water.  I mean I didnt want to mess up my two hundred dollar investment using regular tap water.  So I made sure when in the end results come out I get perfection.  Max results. 

I was wandering on different hair blogs and there is one that I follow faithfully besides my haircareforum group....JustgrowALready!! I was looking at her length and I cannot wait till I am past shoulder length and nearing APL! I dream of one day taking my rollerset out and it dont look like the little girl on Shirley Temple.  I want my curls to look big and juicy.  LOL! I dream hair, I sleep hair, I cant get enough of looking up products and making sure the ingredients are "healthy" and can adhere to my length.  If I could dream my hair long, I would of been clost to butt length by now.  UGH!!! When oh when is it my turn to show off my long hair!?! Sorry for the little rant, I cant wait to have "SWANG." You know when your hair moves flawlessy without any weave or other "help" just all natural your hair......

So tonite I used MTG and Brahami Oil on my scalp.  DPR 11 and Olive oil went on the length of my hair.  And now I am sitting under the steamer.   Then I am going to co-wash with Herbal Essences the Purple bottle.  Then DC with my heating cap with Porosity Control, Garlic Alter Ego treatment, black tea, and my 2 minute Reconstructor.  I know it sounds like alot.  But I have been shedding like I am going bald!! I mean everytime I run the comb through my hair it comes back with a nickel size amount of hair.  I remember the days when only a couple of strands would come out on my comb!! WOW!! Those were the days!

So I'm guessing I only have a few more mintues underneath this thing.......This steamer gets HOTT.  I just got to remember to rinse with cool water not luke warm water.  Well the steamer has went off now.  Wish me luck......

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Day 1: Huetiful

Today is my first day using my Huetiful Hair Steamer, and I must say I love the darn thing!! I have been under this thing five minutes and already Im in love with it.  I am actually under it right now.  Like you can hear the water sizzling and feel the heat on your scalp.  I love it!! I feel like I am at a spa! LOL!  So today I plan to do the deep conditioner with MTG, Brahami Oil and DPR-11.  Then co-wash with HE (the purple bottle) I forgot the name of it.  Last but not least finish up with my Black Tea rinse and Garlic thing-a-ma-jiggy.  I sorta forgot the name of that also.  I am really trying to retain length, but it seems I am going to have to chop off a few split ends.....UGH. I hate split ends.  Alright this water is running all down my face lemme rinse this out and come back.

Okay, so Im back and lemme just say that when I was rinsing the conditioner out, my hair felt like.......BUTTA!!!! All the tangles just seem to be non-existant!!! OOOoooooo Weeeeeee!!! *Excitment* too excitied bout washing my hair in three days! Lol.  So until next time guys......Bye!