Saturday, April 28, 2012

~UPDATE from Out of the Country

I know I have been MIA for months, but I am currently out of the country cause of my job.  I won't be back in the country unitl the middle of June.  So please bear with me.  But now that I have you here:  Hair Update....So I went to training in Nov and was in need of a relaxer but did not get one until I got out of training so we'll say mid-Dec.  Dec 18th. Yeah, yeah Dec 18th.  I know, I know I need to do better with keeping up with the date of my relaxers but ya girl was busy.  So back to my relaxer.  Dec 18th I relaxed my hair.  Dec 23 is when I arrived to the "country."  So up till that point I was just rocking my two celie braids.  (I love those braids) I have been rocking those braids for everyday styling.

Okay, so  I have been moisturizing and sealing, washing and co-washing.  I was using the Neutrogena Triple Moisture line.  The shampoo and the conditioner.  For mositurizing and sealing  I was using the Cantu Shea Leave in and the ORS moisturizing lotion.  I know what you are thinking...the ORS moisturizing lotion has petroleum in it.  But I was thinking since the Cantu and the ORS are both leave-in's and the ORS will be sealing the Cantu Shea! What yall think? No go? But my hair was soft.  So I was doing that for while, then I was thinking I have to M&S and re-braid my hair everyday before I even go on shift, day after day?  It was taking a toll on me.  So then I ordered some human hair and braided my hair in micros.  Now when my hair was in the mirco braids, I was thinking, "How am I going to continue to wash and condition my hair?"  Good question.  So that is when I begin to google.  I learned that if I take a wave cap and some diluted shampoo I can wash my hair in the braids.  So thats what I proceeded to do.  I braided my single mirco braids in big cornrows, put the wave cap on got a spray bottle, diluted my shampoo and began to wash my hair.  YALLLLL when I took my wave cap off and un-did those braids!!! I WAS TOOO MAD!! Braids started coming undone and falling out...the hair was all fuzzy.  I only had the dang braids in two weeks, TWO WEEKS and it had looked like I had them in for forever and a day.  URGH!!!

So back to the celie braids I go.  Not that I didnt mind but the things I had to go through to get the darn hair in country and then to finally put the dang braids in, JUST so they can get fuzzy and start falling out in TWO WEEKS?!?!  So after I took the micro braids out it was again time for a perm.  So I relaxed again on March 30, 2012.   I thought I was gonna have some length, something to tell me that everything that I had been doing was okay.  Uh, NO! Ya girl hair mustve went bad at some point cause now I am barely touching shoulder length.  At first I was devasted, but then I begin to realize that I am in another country and I have been washing my hair in the water that we cant even drink  nonetheless brush our teeth in.  So im guessing that that maybe that has something to do with my setback?.

So its now back to the drawing board.  And Im kinda not okay with it.  but there is nothing that I can do.  So my time in this country is winding down and I should be back home, state-side in June so till then I will continue to stalk blogs, hair forums, youtub-ing and continue to baby my hair til I can do something to make this hair grow.  I will continue to keep in touch.  Sorry for the long delay.  Since I have no followers, I guess this will be my hair diary until I get some.  Muah guys see ya later!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Wash Day

Okay so I am sitting under my Huetiful Steamer for the second time......I think Im in love with this thing.  My coworker made fun of me because I went out and bought six gallons of distilled water.  I mean I didnt want to mess up my two hundred dollar investment using regular tap water.  So I made sure when in the end results come out I get perfection.  Max results. 

I was wandering on different hair blogs and there is one that I follow faithfully besides my haircareforum group....JustgrowALready!! I was looking at her length and I cannot wait till I am past shoulder length and nearing APL! I dream of one day taking my rollerset out and it dont look like the little girl on Shirley Temple.  I want my curls to look big and juicy.  LOL! I dream hair, I sleep hair, I cant get enough of looking up products and making sure the ingredients are "healthy" and can adhere to my length.  If I could dream my hair long, I would of been clost to butt length by now.  UGH!!! When oh when is it my turn to show off my long hair!?! Sorry for the little rant, I cant wait to have "SWANG." You know when your hair moves flawlessy without any weave or other "help" just all natural your hair......

So tonite I used MTG and Brahami Oil on my scalp.  DPR 11 and Olive oil went on the length of my hair.  And now I am sitting under the steamer.   Then I am going to co-wash with Herbal Essences the Purple bottle.  Then DC with my heating cap with Porosity Control, Garlic Alter Ego treatment, black tea, and my 2 minute Reconstructor.  I know it sounds like alot.  But I have been shedding like I am going bald!! I mean everytime I run the comb through my hair it comes back with a nickel size amount of hair.  I remember the days when only a couple of strands would come out on my comb!! WOW!! Those were the days!

So I'm guessing I only have a few more mintues underneath this thing.......This steamer gets HOTT.  I just got to remember to rinse with cool water not luke warm water.  Well the steamer has went off now.  Wish me luck......

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Day 1: Huetiful

Today is my first day using my Huetiful Hair Steamer, and I must say I love the darn thing!! I have been under this thing five minutes and already Im in love with it.  I am actually under it right now.  Like you can hear the water sizzling and feel the heat on your scalp.  I love it!! I feel like I am at a spa! LOL!  So today I plan to do the deep conditioner with MTG, Brahami Oil and DPR-11.  Then co-wash with HE (the purple bottle) I forgot the name of it.  Last but not least finish up with my Black Tea rinse and Garlic thing-a-ma-jiggy.  I sorta forgot the name of that also.  I am really trying to retain length, but it seems I am going to have to chop off a few split ends.....UGH. I hate split ends.  Alright this water is running all down my face lemme rinse this out and come back.

Okay, so Im back and lemme just say that when I was rinsing the conditioner out, my hair felt like.......BUTTA!!!! All the tangles just seem to be non-existant!!! OOOoooooo Weeeeeee!!! *Excitment* too excitied bout washing my hair in three days! Lol.  So until next time guys......Bye!